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Video on-line training – Why has it become so popular?

It’s fast           It’s convenient           It’s been proven to work

The course arrives on your desk top, tablet or smart phone via email and will allow you to study at a pace that suits you, your work environment and commitments.

Gone now are the days of getting grudgingly pulled away from urgent work to attend a course and that ‘grudging’ attitude will frequently result in a negative willingness to learn, often there’s more of a ‘get it over and done with’ attitude when learning should be a positive, enlightening and enjoyable experience.

We are a long way from ever completely replacing classroom learning, some courses need that element of physical interaction or discussion but, where the subject permits or where time & distance constraints exist, Video On-Line Learning comes into its own.

Video On-Line Learning has progressed from the days of ‘Death by PowerPoint’, now you can expect video lead interactive involvement using real persons and cartoon characters to hold the attention and get the desired learning outcomes.

How it’s changed:

Consider the Driving Theory Test set by DVLA, today you will use a computer to complete your revision; it guides you through the necessary bits you need to know, forcing you to make theoretical decisions that are easily replicated when behind the wheel.

Several years ago you would have been handed a copy of the Highway Code and the learning outcomes could vary considerably from that required of the Test Centre!

Typical examples of effective Health & Safety based Video On-Line Learning include:

  • Fire Marshal, you’ll get educated on the Legal obligations but also, using interactive cartoons, real life video recordings or floor plans, you are able to feel and observe the real human responses during evacuations and get the confidence and knowledge to carry out a Fire Drill and further, to create reports identifying best practice for any future evacuation of your premises.
  • Display Screen Equipment, you again get an understanding of the Legal standards but get comprehensive information regarding the risks of Musculoskeletal disorders from poor posture and examples of solutions to offset those risks.

What does the future hold?

There will likely be a progression from Video On-Line training towards Virtual Reality (VR) programs which will be able to cope with subjects that until now have only ever been judged possible through physical involvement.

In the present day these VR systems are, for most businesses, outside their financial reach. But, as has been the norm with technological advances, give it a few more years and these may come down in price and be commonplace in many workplaces.

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Hendry Training

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Hendry Training - Blog

3 months ago

The course arrives on your desk top, tablet or smart phone via email and will allow you to study at a pace that suits you, your work environment and commitments.

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